A few Library-related and MSc-related things that I have come across on the Internet recently…

What do librarians do all day?

“At Your Service: Information Sleuth at the New York Public Library” by Corey Kilgannon, published in The New York Times, is a great piece about Matthew Boylan, reference librarian at the New York Public Library. If anybody asks why we still need librarians when we have the Internet, point them to this article.

Completely unrelated to the article above, this gentleman, who apparently spoke at the ALA Midwinter Meeting, also sums it up nicely:

Tools to make your life easier

I cannot remember who mentioned it on Twitter, unfortunately, but I recently was introduced to Google Keep. It is the first notes app that I actually use. I think it’s the simplicity of it all – you can make lists and write notes to yourself, and that is it. No fancy extras, nothing too complicated. We have started using it for our weekly shopping list, and it works like a dream. I can see how it can be useful for the MSc to, e.g. to write a list of books to take out from the library (especially since you can tick things off as you go along).

Google Keep screenshot

Digital libraries

In honour of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday, Teaching with the Library of Congress (@TeachingLC) tweeted a link to digitised pictures of late 19th century homesteads – little houses on the prairies. (The author and I share a first name, hence I have always been fond of her novels.)



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