Libraries and Twitter

In one of my modules last term, we discussed how libraries can use social media. I’m not sure we reached a conclusion, but part of the discussion was about the purpose of social media – do we use them to update our users about news and events, or do we use them to fully interact with our users?

Taylor & Francis (2014) recently researched the use of social media by libraries. In their white paper, they identify several social media objectives, including: promoting events, resources and collections and library services; connecting with new students and the wider community; highlighting subject specific information; a customer service tool; and a teaching tool. Not all of these were equally important to the survey respondents: the objectives that fall under marketing activities were rated as most important.

So what exactly do libraries do on social media? I’ve had a closer look on Twitter this week. What follows are some examples of interacting with users that stood out for me.

Promoting collections

Promoting events

(I am so going to see this one.)

Updates about library services

Promoting library resources

User engagement


These are just a sample of tweets that caught my attention, but I guess it is obvious that promotion is a big theme. And why not? The only question that remains is: what is the story behind the Library of Congress photo?

What about you? Do you have any favourite library twitter accounts?


Taylor & Francis, 2014. Use of social media by the library. Current practices and futures opportunities. A white paper from Taylor & Francis. [online]. Available from: [Accessed 13 February 2015].


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