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Hello, new term!

The spring term starts on Monday and I cannot wait. My note-taking pencil is sharpened, books have been taken out from the library, and I have created a new folder for each module on my computer. The excitement is palpable.

I am massively excited about the new term not just because I still love being a student again, but also because I will get to study Cataloguing & Classification alongside Knowledge Organisation. Some of my favourite things! I did  the Coursera Metadata MOOC run by Jeffery Pomerantz from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last summer and ever since, I have been hooked. Although the MOOC was mainly about metadata (the name is a giveaway…), we touched upon related topics a lot: Library of Congress Subject Headings, Dewey Decimal Classification, ontologies and thesauri… I cannot wait to learn more about to all of this.

And I cannot wait to read these babies:

cataloguing and classification books