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Noteworthy #2

A few Library-related and MSc-related things that I have come across on the Internet recently…

What do librarians do all day?

I have to admit that I had not heard of instructional design librarians until I read Lindsay McNeill’s post on “The Making of an Instructional Design Librarian” on the ARCLog. And indeed she writes that there are  not many librarians with this title or responsibilities. Her description of her role sounds fascinating though – a blend of academic librarian and instructional designer.

Take me to the library

If you want to know where Harvard Library stores most of its collection, you can read about the Harvard Depository here and then watch Jeffrey Schnapp and Cristoforo Magliozzi’s documentary Cold Storage here. 9 million items in a concrete, off-site, high-density storage facility!

(via Library Stuff)

Can I copyright this?

Did you ever think copyright is boring? Think again. This blog post explains how Jon Stewart, (about to step down) Daily Show host and brilliant comedian, used fair use to re-broadcasts clips of politicians and news commentators on his show.

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And in the world of higher education…

UCAS, the central admissions service for UK undergraduate degree programmes, were in the news earlier this week because of their plans to extend their system to continental European universities. What does this mean for British university applicants? It should become easier to apply to continental universities, as you can do it via the same website as you would for British universities. Read about it here and here.