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I first came across this lovely video of staff and students at Texas A&M University Libraries dancing to “Happy” via Ned Potter’s blog.

You can read more about the thinking behind the video on Ned Potter’s blog. Personally, I think this is a great way to reach out to new students and to introduce the library to them in a fun way.

I speak from personal experience! These days, of course, my local university library  is one of my “happy” places and you can often find me there browsing the shelves after a long day at work. A particular favourite are the Library Science books on the fourth floor. It de-stresses me. I remember well, however, being a first-year undergraduate student at Münster University, and being terrified of even entering the huge, imposing university library.

Here is a photo of said university library. It actually looks really cool, don’t you think?

ULB Münster HDR Gehorche Keinem

For my entire first semester at university, I relied on the two libraries of the History and English departments. Admittedly, they were quite extensive and probably covered most of the needs of a first-year student, but that’s not the point.

I eventually got over my awe of the main library, you will be pleased to hear. I joined one of the many library tours on offer, and after that, became a regular patron.

The point of all of this? I think that videos like the one above can go a long way in familiarising students with the library early on. Watching the video has got me thinking about library induction and this is something that I would like to explore more. Do you have any suggestions for resources I should look at?

Video source: “Happy” by Texas A&M University Libraries

Photo source: “ULB Münster HDR Gehorche Keinem” by Philip Brechler is licenced under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0